Secrets of the Shortlist: Lost in Translation

Any successful search assignment has two prerequisites: that the requirements of the job are forensically interpreted, and that an executive’s experience is faithfully translated to create a vision of their future potential within the role.

At Brunswick, this journey of translation and exploration has been honed to perfection.

We are starting a series of blogs to explore our “Secrets of the Shortlist” to offer executives and clients a few insights into our search process. Hopefully, it may prove helpful to those who might want to work with us. In this first piece, we would like to explain how enabling this “translation” work can benefit both executive and hiring company.

So, what can executives and clients do to ensure that the right hire isn’t lost in translation?

Let’s start with executives:

Most importantly of all, you need to be clear about the value that you add in the context of the role that you are applying for. We will help you to understand the role in order for you to paint the most relevant picture, and it is a joint effort to tease out the gems of experience from your past so that we can champion your cause to the clients. In the final stages of an interview process, we want to be nudging our clients to ask the most nuanced questions, but we can only do that if candidates know how they will contribute.

It is also important for an executive to be able to explain their value succinctly. If their message is convoluted and complicated, it will be guesswork for any search professional to pick out the highlights. Keep your answers tight, don’t explore too many confusing tangents. Translating potential is far easier when the source material is clear and concise.

Having said that, client engagement is equally pivotal:

Although we have worked with certain clients for many years, we begin the majority of our assignments with a clean slate. Whether or not a search firm has little knowledge about a client’s culture and the scope of the role, it is critical to run a forensic briefing process. There is a direct correlation between the time spent preparing for the search and the success of the eventual candidate. Don’t rush your search firm to start networking before the parameters of the translation have been thoughtfully explored.

This is one reason why retained search is so critical when hiring for a challenging role. When a search firm is paid an initial percentage of the fee, they are able to use the time to peel back the layers of the role without feeling the pressure of the contingency race. If a client believes in the value of making the best translation, they know that this critical initial work forms the basis of the best possible outcome.

If you are preparing to make a critical hire, and have previously seen roles get lost in translation, get in touch to discuss how we go about finding the right match.

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Derek Ward

I have worked with many Recruitment professionals, yet when it comes to sourcing top quality management Derek has always responded with a level of professionalism and insight that I have generally found lacking in other search firms.

Derek makes it his priority to wholly understand my business, its commercial imperatives as well as the cultural environment, and uses that knowledge to seek out great candidates.

I believe that Derek’s many successful years in challenging senior management roles, prior to his involvement in Search, have provided him with an unusually high level of insight and empathy that have resulted in many well matched long – term appointments for my business.

Ian Hodgson | Group Managing Director

Andrew Hobman

My experience of working with Andrew is that he is a very diligent recruitment professional. We gave Andrew an assignment to locate half a dozen specialist transformation roles to support an urgent need. Andrew located a healthy volume of potential candidates and we conducted the selection process and ended up with very good appointments.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to either Client or Candidate as I think what makes Andrew different to other recruiters is that he takes time to listen to what the client wants. He then stays on that message and doesn’t try to make marginal candidates fit. The speed and candidate quality provided by Andrew and his team has been impressive.

Steven Cooper | Transformation and Programme Leader

Andrew Hobman

Andrew Hobman and the team at Brunswick have supported us in recruiting for a range of leadership and specialist roles in a number of European countries. They take the time to understand our requirements thoroughly and we have been consistently impressed with the depth and quality of the short lists they have presented to us. Unlike many Executive Search firms they also demonstrate significant flexibility in working with us to identify potential recruits when we have not yet finally settled on our plans. They are a great partner for us and have delivered real value for money to our business.

Ken Palframan | HR Director, Fabory Group

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