Secrets of the Shortlist: Shorten the Odds

A lifetime ago, as a 19 year old new member of the crack Procter and Gamble sales team, I received my first brand-new company car. Two weeks into the job I ran into the back of someone else at traffic lights. The accident was 100% my responsibility. Of course, apart from my other more commercial responsibilities, care of the car was certainly on the list. What did I achieve in that regard? At the very least, much room for improvement…..

It’s obviously very important to list on your CV both present and past responsibilities within the roles that you’ve had. However, in reality, all this does is give an indication of what you were entrusted with but provides only part of the picture in terms of how you actually profile as a potential recruit for any role. Surely it’s vitally important to illustrate not only the responsibilities that you hold / held, but what you’ve done or achieved with those responsibilities. This gives the reader a much clearer idea of not just your competences, but what measurable progress and overall value you can point to – your achievements.

Personally, I think a CV that doesn’t major on achievements to date is weak.

It fails to make the vital link between a candidate’s full credentials and the key deliverables of the role they are applying for. 

What can be more important when you’re relying on your CV to mark you out from the rest? Shorten the odds! Being one of 50 applicants doesn’t mean you have to accept a tiny 2% likelihood of succeeding. I guarantee that many applicants (however senior and experienced) will fail to illustrate the “role match “ strongly enough. My experience, from years of CV reading, tells me that from any 50 maybe 12- 15 (at best) will work intelligently and successfully at this element.

So, yes, do list / bullet point your responsibilities in each role, but in a separate achievements section, immediately below, also list brief related bullets that record how you performed with each responsibility.

Needless to say, having responsibility for altering the front end of my car wasn’t featured in later CVs.

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Derek Ward

I have worked with many Recruitment professionals, yet when it comes to sourcing top quality management Derek has always responded with a level of professionalism and insight that I have generally found lacking in other search firms.

Derek makes it his priority to wholly understand my business, its commercial imperatives as well as the cultural environment, and uses that knowledge to seek out great candidates.

I believe that Derek’s many successful years in challenging senior management roles, prior to his involvement in Search, have provided him with an unusually high level of insight and empathy that have resulted in many well matched long – term appointments for my business.

Ian Hodgson | Group Managing Director

Andrew Hobman

My experience of working with Andrew is that he is a very diligent recruitment professional. We gave Andrew an assignment to locate half a dozen specialist transformation roles to support an urgent need. Andrew located a healthy volume of potential candidates and we conducted the selection process and ended up with very good appointments.

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to either Client or Candidate as I think what makes Andrew different to other recruiters is that he takes time to listen to what the client wants. He then stays on that message and doesn’t try to make marginal candidates fit. The speed and candidate quality provided by Andrew and his team has been impressive.

Steven Cooper | Transformation and Programme Leader

Andrew Hobman

Andrew Hobman and the team at Brunswick have supported us in recruiting for a range of leadership and specialist roles in a number of European countries. They take the time to understand our requirements thoroughly and we have been consistently impressed with the depth and quality of the short lists they have presented to us. Unlike many Executive Search firms they also demonstrate significant flexibility in working with us to identify potential recruits when we have not yet finally settled on our plans. They are a great partner for us and have delivered real value for money to our business.

Ken Palframan | HR Director, Fabory Group

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